Great Seal of the state of Wisconsin

In an unanticipated turn of events, Wisconsin republicans managed to bypass the democrats and passed a bill stripping Unions of their collective bargaining rights.

The Associated Press is reporting that “a special committee of lawmakers from the Senate and Assembly voted late Wednesday afternoon to take all the spending measures out of the legislation and the Senate approved it minutes later, 18-1.”

So, behind closed doors, and away from the scrutiny of the public, and protesters, the republican party in Wisconsin has successfully destroyed the essence of Democracy.

Fortunately, for those of us who actually care about the working class people in this country, the bill itself may become null and void very soon, because according to Wisconsin state law, sufficient notice must be given to the public when there is a meeting of “state and local governmental bodies.”

I did some digging and found Wisconsin’s Open Meeting Law:

In order to advance this policy, the open meetings law requires that “all meetings of all state and local
governmental bodies shall be publicly held in places reasonably accessible to members of the public and shall be
open to all citizens at all times unless otherwise expressly provided by law.” Wis. Stat. § 19.81(2). There is thus
a presumption that meetings of governmental bodies must be held in open session.

You can read through the Open Meeting Law by clicking here.

Let’s not go down without a metaphorical fight. We must not let Scott Walker and his Republican friends to bully the Wisconsin constituency around. There are links on my ‘blogroll’ that you can click to find your state and federal legislators; find  and contact them to let them know that we cannot and will not stand for the decimation of our current state of Democracy.

Just remember that the stripping of freedoms, voices, etc. is always done in little pieces here and there. This is a slope that we don’t want to find ourselves at the bottom of; we have to fight to stay on the top.